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A1 Bad Boy 'Jack'
USBGA 110706025  
Sold 3/13
Rising Sun Farm & Ranch Herd Sires
'Whiskey' is filled with quality genetics and has proven to produce varied colors and patterns of progeny. On his first kidding at our ranch, he had a 70% doeling rate! Due to his ability to pass on width and length while meeting all ABGA confirmation standards; his buckings have gone on to be herd sires at other ranches. 

Whiskey’s genetics include RRD Ruger T307 ** Ennobled**, RRD Brass Shot ** Ennobled**, Fern Hollow Farms, Logan Hill Mr. Maker’s Mark, and some direct South African CODI/PCI animals.
We take pride in our selection of quality breeding bucks.  

Six Pack is an incredible buck with a pedigree full of ennoblement including TLB Ripper *EN, ANR Wide Load *EN, TLB Jack *EN, Powell/Holman Bingo, *EN.  

Best of all, both is sire, GGF1 Quality Load and his Dam PPW Alamosa (IBGA) are ennobled.  
Jack is 1/2 South African filled with EGGS and Powell/Holman genetics. The following Ennobled animals are in his pedigree: Powell/Holman Bingo, Eggs Ryals Magnum, 2SIS Favorite Trick, Ashcreek 38 Magnum.
We brought top quality genetics, color, and disposition to the West.
MAX Boer Goats Fireworks N' Whiskey 
Sold 7/14
Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark, RRD Ruger T307 *EN,  Fern Hollow Farm Ruger's Striker Fire
Photos owned by MAX Boer Goats 
OH26 Midnight Moxy #10566489            
‘Moxy’ came to us care of Freedom Farms in Ohio. He is our junior herd sire and has plenty of genetics to help him grow out large and thick. Rising Sun choose Moxy for his multigenerational broad colored pedigree plus his early growth rate and thickness. We are breeding to infuse black dappled coloring coming from his sire ASHS Boer Goats Kung Fu Panda.

Moxy’s genetics include solid black, solid red, black paint, and black dappling with six generations of color on the top going back to Bon Joli, EGGS, and Powell Holman for thickness. ASHS Kung Fu Panda, NATS Fu Man Chu, TBF Trunk Bay Janet, GP Zoro, ASHS Sneak-A-SPeak

ASHS Kung Fu Panda, GP Zoro, NATS Fu Man Chu, ASHS Sneak-A-Peek
Photos courtesy of ASHS Boer Goats
Rising Sun Farm & Ranch Previous Herd Sires
KNR Six Pack
ABGA # 10539350   
Sold 3/13
RSUN Whiskey and Ammunition       
Rising Sun Farm & Ranch is pleased to announce our home grown Junior Herd Sire Ammo!

Ammo is a young proven buck that sired 4 black dappled kids and one thick red paint we will retain two of the five to stay on the ranch.  His sire is MAX Boer Goats Fireworks N' Whiskey our previous herd sire.  He brings strong color and solid boer gentics.  His dam is our herd Queen OH Spice Girl from Freedom Farms.  Spice has thick bone and the amazing length of KR Static to bring to the full package.

Moxy’s genetics include solid black, solid red, black paint, and black dappling with six generations of color on the top 

JRB3 Zanzibar #10654736                      FOR SALE $2,200
Rising Sun Farm & Ranch is pleased to announce the arrival of Zanzibar "Z-Bar".

Z-Bar is an amazing herd sire bred by Rexanne Bailey from JR Farm Boer Goats in Indiana and comes to us from Angie Hartman from Hartman Boers in Texas.  Both ranches are known for quality spotted genetics that go above the colored norm with width, bone, and rapid growth expectations.  We thank you for the mild mannered leash led young buck that will undoubtedly put a solid physique on his progeny. 

Combined with Rising Sun's outstanding genetic line up we now add the popular genetics of Bon Joli/Lazy S-T Copperhead, Lazy S-T Coppertox, CRCR Aged to Perfection**Ennobled, DER War Paint **Ennobled, Outback Boers and WP'S Shasta.

We begin our first round of breeding in June 2016 and are very pleased with the genetic results!  Add width, bone and muscle to your entire herd.

Photos courtesy of Angie Hartman