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We take pride in our wide genetic selection of quality brood does. 

If you have any questions regarding our animals or would like more information, please contact us:
High quality, healthy ABGA registered fullblood and purebred boer does.
RSUN Dressed in Elegance
Liam's Black Ob
Lillie's Sunshined
Elegance is our Whiskey x Spice retention.  With her ennobled genetics and the K&R Static lines we couldn't be more pleased.  She is one of our favorites.
Black Ob has grown out to be a large solid black doe that is an amazing dam.  Her maternal instincts are above others taking on rejected kids with plenty of milk to spare.
This FB red doe is coming from long colored lines along Bingo ENOBLED genetics and long large SA lines.  She is a strong color producer of spotted and dappled does for us.    Until now we have retained all of her does.
Some of the Does of Rising Sun
RSUN Curious           
Curious is a favorite of the ranch.  Hence her name, she is always at our side.  She is very receptive to beautiful dappled offspring from Moxy.
Nova is a retained doe from Moxy x Sunshined.  With her red tiger dappling and balanced structure we are pleased with all she throws.

Tri-Dapple  and Traditional Doelings
OH26 Static's Spice Girl
Spice is a beautiful long feminine FB doe that comes to us from Ohio.  Spices sire is a thick, long solid ENNOBLED red K&R's Static.  Her dam is black. 
RSUN Fireworks Ember 
Ember has been with us a long time because she produces thick strong does.
RSUN Nightwind
Night Wind is our first  black dappled doe out of Moxy. We are please with her quality  offspring and build.
RSUN Standing in the Neon
#10620473                     $700
Neon is a Spice x Whiskey doe.  She is long like KNR Static with a thick body.  She is Elegance's dam.

RSUN Edelweiss
Edelweiss was a fast growing doeling with genetics back to our beloved doe Aubry.  She is friendly and solid producer with dappled offspring including Appenzell.
RSUN Firefly
Firefly is full of black spots and dapples, her first kidding she threw one of the two retained bucks (Bad to the Bone) from Zanzibar that is thick and full bodied.
RSUN Roaned Raven
Raven is  beautiful black paint with red roaning.  When we have visitors they always point her out due to the striking reflections off of her coat.  Her daughter Spotted Raven is spotted with the same roaning.

Dappled Doe, Tri-Dappled Buck, Traditional Doe
RSUN Cotton Fields
Cotton is a Neon doeling and always caught my eye.  I have watched her mature and grow into her frame. 
Aurora You are My Star                                         
Dapple Delightful          
Tiger Lily      
Black Beauty Dappled Doeling             
On an Adventure      $500
Sacajawea doeling     $300
Black and White    
Twinkling Paris     $400
Knight at Arms       $1000
Neon, Paris, London           (3 doe) pair          $1300
London (red doeling not yet pictured)  $400
Designer Jean